Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Author, Draftsman, Unix Fiend, former SP/4 Ronald Bacci

Ron is sometimes Gallootish though small of stature!  He used to run the Berkeley Earthquake Institute and sent out predictions by phone, then email, the nano-second after a quake hit!  Infallible!  Also, one of your editor's oldest friends.  Check out his parody/tribute to Jonathan Livingston Seagull HERE.

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Arthur Telling said...

My earthquake predictions remain 100% accurate, as do my predications of the dooomsday date. The secret is, no earthquake nor any end of times ever happens when you are expecting it to happen. Thus, when such an event is predicted (as happened Dec 21, 2012 for example), I can accurately predicat that nothing will happen on that day. As I say, to this date my predictins have proved 100% accurate.