Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What is a Big Galloot?

Wikipedia says, in part: "Within Internet-based woodworking communities, a Galoot is a handtool aficionado, specifically old handtools. This is contrasted with users of any hand tools who are called neanderthals in a number of internet woodworking communities . . . Galoot should not be confused with Galloot, although pronounced the same. 'Galloot' is a word used by the cartoon character "Yosemite Sam" - he frequently refers to "Bugs Bunny" as a 'long eared idjut galloot'."
Web references to Galoot or Galloot: A band named Big Galoot can be found at

A Seattle Times article describes Big Galoots, in part: "I know English majors will point out that Big Galoots is actually two words, but you never hear anyone refer to someone as just a Galoot. It is properly used in the following sentence: 'Ah, get outta here, ya Big Galoot.' This sentence is usually uttered in a black-and-white movie by some woman (properly called a 'dame') to a guy packing heat and wearing a double-breasted suit. The Big Galoot has just done something endearing like smack someone around, mow down a rival with a Tommy gun or tell the dame he is sweet on her"

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Who is that maniac in the picture????